Monday, April 18, 2011

Successful Saturday

Everywhere I went this weekend, I saw flowers. I literally stopped and smelt the flowers on several occasions; from the Upper West Side to Union Square, to my own kitchen countertop, this successful Saturday was made possible by:

Will Ryman's 'Roses' Rise On Park Ave - Now that it's springtime, these beautiful sculptures seem even more special.

Pink Tulips (Union Square) - Did you know pink tulips were named for the headdresses worn by the Persians of the Middle East over a thousand years ago?

Lilacs (3rd Ave) - There is a Lilac Festival in Rochester, NY May 13-22, 2011.

Hydrangeas (Kitchen table) - I bought these from a bodega on 19th Street. These are one of my favorite types of flowers. Learn all about hydrangeas here.

Eucalyptus Flowers (23rd Street) - I had to text my sister asking what these were called because all the colors confused me. I'm used to the baby blue, like these here.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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