Saturday, March 5, 2011

One Wall, One Time

Surprisingly, finding an apartment in NYC was easy. What has been hard, is decorating a small space. I've decided to take it one wall, at one time and when in doubt, paint it blue.

1. This picture took me forever to find.

2. Pier One Gold Swirl Mirror

3. Candle Stick and Marble Glass Cheese Cover found at this vintage store.

4. Bath & Body Works Figural Candle: Found during a successful saturday.

I hope everyone is having a nice Saturday! I'm heading out to the Union Square Greenmarket to get my veg/fruit on.


  1. Hi Kate,

    Your proud Aunt Ilene (and I would add, awesome)shared your blog address with me. You do a great job of showing and writing interesting everyday life. Nicely done...patdanielson

  2. Pat,

    You are very kind. I hope all is well with you!