Sunday, February 27, 2011

Successful Saturday

I've turned into that girl (oh wait, woman) who looks forward to Saturday's. Not just Saturday nights, but the daytime, the me-time. This successful Saturday was made possible by...

1. Clementines: It's like Christmas morning, unwrapping a sweet clementine.

2. Top Chef All-Stars: A morning full of catching up and crushing on Tom Colicchio

3. Ann Taylor Midnight Floral Silk Pencil Skirt: A silk, not black, skirt, that I love? Sold!

4. Friend of a Farmer: Lunch break? I can't resist a friend of a farmer.

5. Bath & Body Works Figural Candle: I've been looking for something like this forever. Yay!

6. Yoga to the People: As I mentioned here, a Saturday must.

Here's to a great Sunday for everyone!

P.S Happy Birthday, Pops!

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