Wednesday, March 23, 2011

North Dakota & Coffee Shops

I'm not a huge coffee drinker, more a coffee shop dweller. I'm drawn to any place that has an abundance of outlets for your laptop, cozy corners, loose leaf tea, baked goods in small sizes and a chill environment. When I'm in North Dakota, I have my favorites:

Grand Forks, ND

Urban Stampede-324 Kittson Ave: I love this place. I love their rustic booths decorated with antique lamps. I love how it has an old west vibe and a dark mood set. However, what I love the most is how it presents you with an inner coolness that allows you to sit back and chill.

{photo via visit grand forks}

Coffee Company-2100 S Columbia Rd # 107: It really is a lovely place to spend your time. They have great selections of loose leaf tea and everyone is nice, homey, and helpful. It's very North Dakotan in a very good way. Here is a cool article on the owner.

Fargo, ND

Atomic Coffee: I like this place because it has everything a girl could ask for: loose leaf tea, small shaped treats, outlets, an artsy bathroom and they even sell wine.(You know, when its too late for caffeine, but too early to go home).

I'm very slowly finding my favorites in NYC, but none will ever surpass the quaintness these provide.

I wish all a good day!

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