Sunday, March 6, 2011

Successful Saturday

This successful Saturday was relatively low-key; the weather was a high note and it felt great to casually walk around and enjoy the sunshine.

This successful Saturday was made possible by...

1. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir: A morning run (err...jog) made it finally feel like spring.

2. Union Square Greenmarket: As mentioned, here, a great way to get your veg/fruit on.

3. Fishs Eddy Farm Animals Storage Bowl: A fresh-off-the-farm storage bowl is exactly what my kitchen needed.

4. Major League : I love this movie, and my Saturday stopped when I saw it on cable. "No, no, too high".

5. St. Dalfour Peppermint Tea: I am, what they call, in love, with peppermint tea.

6. Blueberry Tart: My first time baking a tart. I even let it cool on my windowsill until I realized I was in NYC, not on a farm, and quickly removed it.

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