Monday, March 28, 2011

Successful Saturday

Saturdays are remarkable. This successful Saturday was made possible by:

1. Spring is here! The sun may hide, but I do believe those are tulips trying to spring free. There is a cute boutique located in the lower east side called Tulips.

2. Scandinavian Almond Bars. This new recipe was simply fun and perfect.

3. Bindya Scarf - A new spring scarf to brighten up the weekday.

4. Gramercy Theatre Box Seat - I wish I could say this was mine, but I love how you find the most random things on the streets in NYC. I couldn't help but imagine who this belonged to and what show they saw.

5. La Follia (Gramercy Park) - A new favorite. A cute tapas restaurant to meet my friend Mieke for a late lunch/early dinner.

6. Cherry Blossoms for sale! Did you know the National Cherry Blossom Festival is going on right now in Washington, D.C?

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

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