Friday, March 18, 2011

Kitty Litter and Schnapps

This just in: Kitty Litter and Schnapps: Winter Survival Necessities- According to North Dakotans.

North Dakotans are very proud to be North Dakotans, when it comes to winter. They have seen it, felt it and been stuck in it, when it comes to cold and snow.

They are also very willing to offer advice. Some may laugh at the advice of kitty litter and Schnapps to New Yorkers this past January, but if your tires have ever needed traction on snow and ice or you suffered a bone chill you just couldn't shake, you would understand.

New Yorkers

North Dakotans

I'm just happy this winter is almost behind us and the kitty litter and Hot Damn Schnapps can be shelved (well, maybe just the kitty litter).

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