Monday, May 9, 2011

Successful Saturday

At first, I was concerned I didn't have a successful Saturday. I slept in, dropped off dry cleaning, stopped for a cappuccino, made calls to my brother and old college roommate, sifted through the clearance rank at Anthropologie and succumbed to the power of a pedicure.

I paused, and wondered what I really accomplished. And then I realized, this was indeed a successful Saturday. I just wasn't looking at it right:

So instead...

I caught up on sleep, supported small local businesses, helped organize a trip for my brother to visit NYC, caught up with a good friend, indulged in pretty florals, and took care of my feet.

Sleeping in is an art. Southern Living describes how to answer your inner voice-wake up when you want to.

The 3/50 Project - Learn more about how to save the brick and mortars our nation is built on.

Forget Facebook. It can never touch a good phone call. Here's an interesting article on Facebook and relationships.

The new line at Anthropologie is drool worthy.

Pedicures - See? It's a pharmacy fact. Read more about pedicure/manicures and their benefits. {I wonder if this makes them tax deductable?}

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

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