Friday, May 13, 2011

North Dakota Tourism

Did you know?

North Dakota has recently been ranked the friendliest state in the U.S., according to Cambridge University!

While looking at the ND Tourism website, I also found out these interesting agriculture facts:

ND produces enough soybeans to make 212 billion crayons each year!

ND produces enough sugarbeets that produce enough sugar to sweeten 27 billion gallons of Kool-Aid.

The world's largest french fry feed is held every year in Grand Forks, during Potato Bowl USA. In 2006, a new worlds record was set with 4,620 pounds of french fries that were served at the French Fry Frenzy. Around 10,000 people were served. About 113 gallons of ketchup were used as well.

I hope everyone enjoys their Friday! I'm ending a chapter today with a career change and spending the weekend in wide open spaces!

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