Monday, October 24, 2011

Sucessful Saturday

Denmark. I have been anxiously awaiting Saturday, October 22nd for one reason: New Nordic Cookout. This cookout was to be a taste of Denmark and hosted at the Greenmarket in Union Square.

There were more blondes in the crowd than normal, more knit sweaters and more hunger for all things salmon. Also, more Royals in attendance.

AEbleskriver (are the Danish version of the traditional American pancakes)

Garnished with marinated rose petals and capers

Adams Aamanns, the owner of one of the most famous Smørrebrød restaurants in Copenhagen explaining Smorrebread.

Danish tapas: Sendives with juniper cured salmon, purée of cauliflower and browned butter and marzipan cake (mazarinkage) with raspberries and vanilla yogurt on top.

{photos via spanishhipster}

It was a great new experience for my heart, tongue and head. I hope everyone had a spectacular weekend.

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