Thursday, October 6, 2011

Real Life Haunted Houses

It's approaching that time of year again where the thrill of being scared is moved from an avoidance to a destination.

Here are some real life hanted houses that have some interesting backgrounds.

Have a great day!

Salem Witch House - Once the home a Salem Witch Trial judge, this residence in Salem, Massachusetts is an eerie homage to the infamous summer of 1692.

Winchester Mystery House - A wealthy widow in San Jose, California consulted a psychic, who told her construction on her California home would deflect the spirits who died at the wrong end of the “gun that won the west.” For 38 years carpenters worked at all hours, building dozens of eerie add-ons and mazes to bewilder the ghosts.

Menger Hotel - Teddy Roosevelt, who is said to have recruited many of his “Rough Riders” at the hotel, can be seen in the dark corners of the barroom, waiting to offer a free drink to the next innocent cowboy he hoped to enlist in his brigade of rough-and-tumble soldiers.

Cincinnati Music Hall - “I’ve met these people…If you think I’m crazy just come here sometime at three o’clock in the morning. They’re very friendly.” Yikes!

Loretta Lynn Ranch - Over a century ago, a woman is said to have died of heartbreak only 12 days after the death of her baby. Loretta Lynn herself has seen “the moaning woman.”

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