Friday, October 21, 2011

The Original Soupman

I used to love Seinfeld. Wait. What am I saying? I still love Seinfeld. Every time a rerun comes on, I still laugh along with the laugh track.

So, when my friend Lauren mentioned going to The Original Soupman for lunch and a Living Social instant deal occurred in the same week , I had no choice but to go. It was fate. It was time for: soup for me.

It was a short walk from work, I got severely confused with the immediate left departure, ordered the Butternut Squash, and was pleasantly surprised with the Lindt's chocolate, bread, and plum that accompanied this delicious soup.

{photo via tasteeuphoria}

The only problem? I'm addicted.

I hope everyone has a great Friday and has wonderful plans warming up this weekend!

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