Tuesday, July 19, 2011

How Do I Say Endive?

I love a good endive salad. I'm always hesitant to order it because I'm not quite sure how its pronounced. (I say it really fast or just point at the menu). Is it en-dive or on-deev or maybe even end-ive? I found this delicious explanation which helped me greatly. (I also asked my friend Mieke who seems to know these things). ANSWER - Just say en-dive.

I had a good endive salad in London, like I mentioned here and I always order the endive salad when I go here.

I plan on making my own, from this recipe here.

It's an endive revolution!

I have a busy week approaching, but all good, and all happy.
Have a very wonderful day!

P.S - Happy Birthday Maggie-Poo!

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