Thursday, February 17, 2011

Five (+ 1) Drugstore Winter Beauty Loves

I'm not going to lie, I spend a lot of money on beauty products- walking through Sephora is like Willy Wondka in his chocolate factory for me. However, during the winter, I find myself not being able to live without these simple beauty products that I pick up at my local CVS.

1. Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream $18.99
This is great during the winter months; during the summer, I tend to use a lighter cream.

2. Bio Oil $8
Use this. It's completely universal and economical.

3. Aveno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer $16.99
I'm a true Aveeno fan and during the winter months when I feel pasty and gross, this gives my skin a nice glow in the morning.

4. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream 2.0 $3.99
Hands down the best hand cream.

5. Carmex $2.00
I'm always buying different chapsticks and lip glosses, but there is only one thing that remains the same. Carmex.

6. TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo $4.99
I just purchased this product last weekend, but so far, it seems like a great quick fix.


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